Decisions Regarding Custody

Where will our children live after we separate?  Can we agree on a schedule?  Who will make the important decisions that relate to our children?  What if we cannot agree?  At Sattin and Ronca, we will take the time to discuss all the options that are available to you to resolve your custody concerns.  Court and out-of-court options will be reviewed and discussed.  In our experience, client’s become more comfortable when they understand their options and the procedure that is involved as it relates to their selected course of action. 

We have extensive experience in negotiating out-of-court settlements, in crafting custody agreements, and in litigating custody matters when parties cannot agree.  We have handled custody matters which are scheduled before conciliators, masters, judges and the appellate court. 

In addition to initial custody proceedings and/or negotiation, We also handle adoption matters, petitions to modify custody and custody contempt. 

Contact Cheryl or Dan directly for an initial consultation involving your matter.


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