Deciding to Divorce 

The decision to make a change in your marital status is a difficult one.  The emotional and financial implications of such a change, the ability to reconcile, the procedure to obtain a divorce, and the ultimate division of assets and liabilities are just four of countless issues that may be of concern to you. 

At Sattin & Ronca, we can assist you in fleshing out the issues that are of most concern to you.  We will explore strategies to achieve your desired outcome in a manner that is expeditious and respectful.  Settlement, without court intervention, is our emphasis.  However, when litigation cannot be avoided, Ms. Sattin and Mr. Ronca are prepared to strongly advocate on your behalf.  Our office handles cases ranging from straightforward no asset matters to complex marital estates which require business, real estate and retirement valuations. 

We have established relationships with forensic accountants, pension evaluators, real estate appraisers and financial advisors who can assist us, when needed, to identify and value the marital component of assets in your case.   

The first step: the initial consultation

Potential clients are invited to set up an appointment with Cheryl or Dan for an initial consultation, usually lasting about one hour.  Our Attorneys fee for this consultation is reasonable and potential clients should expect to obtain valuable and detailed information about their matter. 

Our Attorneys encourage their clients to write down all questions of concern prior to their appointment and, if financial issues are among those concerns, to bring with them, to the extent available, income and asset/debt information. 

Please contact us today to set up your initial consultation. 

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